Why activating CTFS card before you can shop is necessary

Got yourself a ctfs credit card? Well you are in the right place to start using it. Canadian tire financial services credit cards are just the perfect feature for its regular customers. It allows its users to earn money by spending money. Easy right? You just have to make purchase using ctfs credit card Online on www.ctfs.com/activate.

You get 10 cent discount of each liter of gas on the first 30 days of the card usage, and 2 cent money back on every liter later on. There is no annual fee and keep building cash back. Just make a 3% purchase at ctfs and you get 1.5% cash back.

Ctfs credit cards can be activate online on www.ctfs.com/activate or on phone. Both are easy and takes no more than few minutes.

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www.ctfs.Com/Activate – CTFS Card Online Activation

You can activate online via your personal id or your PIN code. If you don’t have your account then follow the simple steps below and get your own account within 5 minutes. If you have one then just skep these instructions. * Visit the link www.ctfs.com/activate

  • Now on the very top bar you can see a sign in/register option. Click on it.
  • Fill out the form with the required information such as your name, account number etc.
  • Create your own user id and password.
  • Submit the form and you are done.

For those who already have an account just follow the simple instructions below. The process is simple click on the link and choose the method for your ctfs credit card activation process. You can either activate using login id or PIN code.

  • Click on the link www.ctfs.com/activate.
  • Now if you want to activate via PIN the select the “I have my PIN” option.
  • Or sign in to activate option.
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Sign Up Procedure for CTFS Activation

If you choose the sign in to activate option then a new login page will open. Just login using your account information.

  • Go to my account option.
  • On the menu bar you can see activate my card option. Click on it.
  • Now fill out the form with required information such as credit card number etc.
  • Agree to terms and condition and submit the form.
  • You card will be activated within minutes of submission.

PIN Code Activation

If you have chosen the PIN code option, then enter your pin code.

  • You will be redirected to the activation form.
  • Fill out the information. Most information is already filled out during the process of getting the credit card. This is to confirm your identity.
  • Agree to terms and conditions. Submit form.

You card will be activated momentarily.

Via Phone Activation:

Activation via phone is the easiest short term solution. You can have your CTFS card activated in a matter of minutes without any internet anywhere.

  • You just need to call the representative at the CTFS hotline at 1-905-735-7256.
  • Listen to the correspondents instructions and answer their questions.
  • You have to provide some simple information that is mentioned on the form that you filled out when you got the credit card. Some information like your credit card number and branch code etc.
  • Finally agree to terms and conditions.
  • Your credit card is activated within minutes.

More Questions?

If you have any more issues or problem that are not entertained, then visit www.ctfs.com/activate or your nearest branch of CTFS or call on their customer support at 1-905-735-7256.

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