Why activation is essential for Wellsfargo card after approval? How to do it

Have you been looking for a clue to get your wellsfargo card activated? You have arrived at right site as this article is specially designed to guide you all about wellsfargo.com/activate and to help you to get maximum benefits out of it.  Stay with us and get all the information regarding wellsfargo.com/activate.

The credit/debit cards offered by wellsfargo.com can be used to avail cash and deposit money by making it convenient through more than 13,000 Wells Fargo ATMs. If you have not received the card by wellsfargo.com, then contact 1-800-869-3557 to get the update about status of your card.

There are ways via which you can register your card.

  • Activating card through Online web portal
  • Activating card through customer service using Phone
  • Activating card through the ATM.
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Wellsfargo.com/activate – Activating wellsfargo card @ Online Service

As a first and most convenient choice, you can activate your card via Wellsfargo official website availing their online services online on
wellsfargo.com/activate. It requires only 60 seconds for activation after you have completed the procedure. Online activation is far simple but it requires an account to complete the process.

Here are enlisted some required steps. By following these, you can get the card activated by wellsfargo.com/activate

  • Go to the attached link Wells Fargo Online. You will have to be logged in to activate your card.
  • Look for login portal on the appeared window. Logging in requires an account.
  • If you are registered on wellsfargo.com/activate then login into given portal using your login credentials like username and password.

Forming an Account on Wellsfargo.com/Activate

If you already have an account then skip the next 4 points. If you do not have one, then follow the string to create an account.

  • In case, you have not got an account, then it can be made with little effort. On the login page, click on “Not a member, Join now”
  • The appeared window will ask for an email address. Enter a valid email address. A verification email will be sent to your entered email address.
  • Open the activation link attached in the email send by wellsfargo.com/activate and get your account activated.
  • Enter the required information which will include Name, Username, email. Enter a secured password to keep the account safe. Mark check on user agreement after reading it. You will get registered within no time.
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Activating Card using the Account on Online Portal

  • Once you are logged into your account, look for option of account management to proceed further.
  • The new window will ask you some details including card number and reservation number. Card number can be found on front of card while reservation number is present at back of the card.
  • After entering the data successfully, you will be asked to be get agree to terms and condition. Go through them carefully and mark check box to complete the process.
  • By Using your online account on wellsfargo.com/activate, you can easily activate your wellsfargo card.

Activating wellsfargo Card @ Phone service

Wellsfargo.com/activate has another way to get the card activated. You can use your phone to make the card functional.

Toll free number is available which is 1-877-294-6933.You can also find the Toll-free number on a sticker attached to your card.

Dial the number. You can use automatic process or can also get connected to representative by pressing #.  The operator will ask for card number (found on front of card) and reservation number (at the back of card) to register the card. The card will get registered shortly. You will be notified via an SMS and email.

Activating wellsfargo card @ ATM

There is a third option of ATM. Wellsfargo.com offers its valuable customers a convenience to get the card activated via visiting any nearest ATM

It requires only your card and PIN number.  Swipe the card in given slider or insert in given space. After getting card detected and identified by ATM, you will be asked to enter your secret PIN number. Once, you have been securely entered into your account, the card will get activated automatically. w

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If you have not got the PIN already with you, you will receive on delivery of the card. Contact nearest wellsfargo branch in case you have got the card but do not have a PIN.

Some Quick Tips for New Users

If you a first-time user of debit/credit card then there are some quick tips to keep the card secured.

  • As soon as your card gets activated, always sign the back of your card before using it to prevent it from a theft or getting it misplaced.
  • Carefully read the agreement documents you received with the wellsfargo card. It has all the necessary details you need to know about.
  • Do not share the details of your card with anyone either verbally, on phone or via email. Keep your PIN in a secured place.
  • In case, you have lost your card, then report instantly to bank to block all the services on your card.
  • For any further information, you can always visit wellsfargo.com/activate
  • You can also contact 24/7 customer service number 1-800-289-8004.
  • Any written query can be mailed to

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MAC T9017-026
PO Box 168048
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