What are the top 10 most visited websites of 2019

Today will look at top 10 most visited websites for the year 2019. The list of popular websites includes very common names which everyone aware of in his/her daily life. But we typically do not notice about the size of each website on the basis of its audience.


Now take a look on the list of these top 10 popular websites of 2019. This list considers the total traffic or visitors values available publicly by Alexa statistics.

10. Amazon.com

Amazon.com homepage

Amazon is renowned as the most customer-centric entity of this world. The Amazon.com covers the online presence of the company and sells a number of products including books, electronics, movies, toys and much more. All of the products are sold either directly or by a middleman. On the other side, a number of sub-brands also work under the umbrella of the parent company with different names. In 2019, Amazon is 10th most popular website globally however, in the USA it is on the 3rd place for popularity.

9. TMall

TMall.com Homepage

TMall is a China-based retail website, which has resemblance with Taobao – An Alibaba Group initiative. Being as a 2nd largest e-commerce website globally, it has more than 500 million monthly active users. TMall ranks on number 9th globally and 4th place in China.

8. Yahoo.com


Yahoo is very popular and every single grown-up person knows it by name. It is known both as a search engine and a web portal. Besides that mail service is also popular along with maps, videos and news portal. Yahoo offers a number of other services to its visitors, the website receives about 1 billion unique visits in a month. Globally, Yahoo.com ranks on the 8th place for 2019 while it captures 7th place in the USA.

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7. TaoBao

TaoBao.com homepage

Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website offering clothing, electronics and much more to buy or even sell on the site. Taobao claims to have more than 1 billion product listing available for sale, with that perspective it is the largest website globally.

Taobao is ranked on 7th place on the basis of global popularity while on the other hand in China it is in 3rd place.

6. QQ.com

QQ.com homepage

QQ.com is a messaging service portal of China, where the user is able to live an online life. The platform offers the users to write blogs, send photos, save and build diaries, listen to music and even watch videos. The website is ranked on 6th place globally by popularity and its audience size and captures 2nd place in China based on audience size.

5. Wikipedia.org

Wikipedia homepage

Wikipedia is the most commonly known website due to its wide topic coverage and usefulness. Moreover, every piece of content is written by community members who have expertise relevant to that topic. Wikipedia is used worldwide with much preference than any other online resource to get in-depth information. The website is ranked on the 5th place in 2019 worldwide and at 6th position in the USA on the basis of audience size.

4. Baidu.com

Baidu homepage

Baidu is a Chinese search-engine and holds about 70% of the market share in the Chinese search engine market. Billions of people use search engines every day in China and Baidu has its own network of supporting sites like maps, AdWords, translate and more.

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On the basis of its audience size and popularity, Baidu is at 4th place worldwide and at 1st position in China local market.

3. Facebook.com

Facebook Homepage

Everyone is pretty renowned with this name, being as a popular social media platform Facebook has almost 1.5 billion active users who have daily activity on the website. The activity includes opinion sharing, chatting and communicating with friends and family.

Facebook.com holds 3rd rank on the basis of its huge user base globally and at 4th place in the USA.

2. YouTube

YouTube homepage

Every person who uses the internet is pretty aware of this name. YouTube is the most popular website globally for videos and streaming purpose, almost around 5 billion videos are watched on the website on a daily basis.

YouTube.com holds the 2nd place both in U.S. & globally on the basis of a huge audience, despite the fact that 80% of videos are watched are not within boundaries of the USA.

1. Google.com

Google Germany homepage

Being as the most popular search engine of the world, this name is also pretty well known among common people worldwide. Billions of people search for their desired things on the search engine and generate around 3.5 billion queries every single day. Besides that, Google also offers a number of other services which support the people during daily life including maps, hangouts and more.

In 2019, Google.com holds 1st position and presence in the internet market both in USA & globally.