Do removing empty folders in Windows speed-up your PC

Remove empty folders in windows by using an application which will take the burden of your nerves and will do the rest automatically. Every machine with an old archive certainly has some empty folders and even empty folders in folders with a long, long route.

Remove Empty Directories is a free application for Windows which can help you out for that and do the rest of the job for you.

Installing Remove Empty Directories

First of all, you will be essentially have to download the ‘Remove Empty Directories’ before starting to install the app. Moreover, if your machine does not have a .NET framework installed on it, then you have to download it to run the app.

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Does a question arise in your mind? Why it needs a .NET framework to run, although there is no adware or toolbars hidden in it.

How to remove Empty Folders in Windows

After successful installation, you can make the things change a little bit by using the settings tab at the application. Typically, default settings workout for most users, however, you can select things with different choices to make it work properly for your needs.

Although the application has built-in features to make a difference between system files and useless files, it’s recommended to make a backup of your files before executing the mass deletion process.

Start Scanning & Deleting Empty Folders

To start the Scanning process, one will need to press the ‘BROWSE’ button available at the most upper left side. This will allow you to select the directory of your choice to scan for and after that, you have to press on the button ‘Scan Now’ at the lower right corner. The application is very fast in scanning and deleting folders, therefore you have to take some caution and use it in the right folder.

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After scanning, the program will automatically delete the empty folders in chronological order, where the sub-folders are deleted first and then the main folder. Lastly, the folders end up in the recycle bin folder, So, one can simply restore if any important content goes delete.

Other options to delete empty folders automatically

  1. 4dots Empty Folder Cleaner
  2. Empty Folder Nuker