What’s my PNC bank routing number & why its so crucial in a transaction

PNC routing number is a necessity in modern day electronic banking. It makes things easy, convenient and make their processing fast. The 9-digit number is an identity of your bank branch. It depends on type of account you are registered in and type of transaction you make.

It may be only an extra amenity in some situations. While in others like in direct payroll deposits, it becomes a requirement for safe transactions. All the electronic transactions require a routing number. You can find PNC routing number in number of ways. We have collected some routing numbers for your convenience.

PNC Routing Number Wire Transfer

PNC routing number is quite unique to each branch of bank. The PNC routing number depends on the region where the bank branch is situated. You may not find all the PNC routing numbers on PNC bank website.  You can contact customer service of local branch or customer service provided by PNC bank to get the PNC routing -number located. The toll-free number is mentioned here 800-762-9473 so that you may confirm PNC routing number of your choice.

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Multiple Routing Numbers of Banks

There can be allotted at most five routing numbers to a single bank as per ABA policy. These PNC routing numbers will be allocated to different levels. One out of five numbers will be specific for principal office. A bank can be assigned more routing numbers but it is not mouth word job.

It requires consent of Routing Number Administrative Board through an official procedure. The request application can be needed when there is a merger or collaboration of banks in regard of services provided or in case of consolidation or acquisition.

PNC banks located in different states of America might have different routing numbers even within a single state. The routing numbers are varied from one state to another. It is always a good precaution to check the status of PNC bank routing number of your bank branch from time to time. This will keep you informed of any changes in routing numbers done over time especially in case of merger of bank.

Why is PNC Bank Routing Number is Needed?

PNC routing number is required whenever you are about to transfer money from one branch to another to keep the transactions secured and encrypted while operating electronically. PNC routing number not only help to send you money over the board but also will help you to receive your money safely transacted from another branch.

As PNC bank is member of SWIFT which is more appropriately known as Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications along with 10K others financial organizations, so it offers additional services of operating through the bank internationally.

PNC routing number will be different in that case. Each member bank of SWIFT has been assigned a unique code for bank dealings which is used in international wire transfers. The PNC code of PNC bank for international dealing is PNCCUS33.

How can you find PNC Bank Routing Number?

Here are attached some ways through which you can find PNC routing number.

  • Finding PNC routing number via bank cheque.
  • Finding PNC routing number via online bank statement
  • Finding PNC routing number via Smart Card

Finding Number via Cheque

You can easily find PNC bank routing number in cheque book allotted to you by bank.

Look for the bottom portion of cheque. There will be 9-digit number mentioned right before your account number. In case, you do not have access to cheque book then we have got you covered through another feasible method.

If you recently have made a manual transaction then a copy of cheque would have been emailed to you by PNC bank. You can access it by signing into your account on Online banking portal. Look for the images in “recent transactions”. You can check routing number on it given at bottom.

Finding PNC Routing Number via Online Bank statement

If you have operated through the bank via online transaction, then this will help you to locate your PNC routing number. The statements of online transactions are emailed to account holder. Look for that bank statement in “Account Activity Tab” by logging into account on online banking portal. The number would have been mentioned on top right-hand corner.

Finding PNC Routing Number via Smart Card

Smart Card can help to locate your PNC bank routing number via online banking. You will have to sign in to online banking and select the Smart card in card type. After that click on “Sign on to smart access” on right of available balance.

The routing number can be found there under “direct deposit information” section on account summary page.

You can also visit PNC official website to find the PNC bank routing number, A link is attached here for your convenience how to find your routing number The bank website offers assistance in finding the number through the “Wire Transfer Payment Instructions” page that makes it easy for card holders to finding required PNC routing number to make their transactions smooth.  

We hope that this article was quite useful in locating PNC bank routing number.