How to play latest release of StarCraft offline

Play StarCraft in browser now, thanks to recent HTML5 integration within latest browsers. StarCraft is one of the best RTS game available in the market.  It is an awesome game despite some oddities and has a huge user base worldwide.

How to play StarCraft offline

To play StarCarft in-browser one have to first download a repository of StarCarft from Github Page here you have to download it completely. Next, you have to extract this folder and unzip this file using any tool like WinRar.

  • Now you can see a folder “StarCraft-master” move into this folder and look for the file named as ‘Index.html’ in it.
  • Open this file and select your favorite browser if windows ask for an application to open this file.
  • If unable to open this file then right-click on ‘index.html’ and select open with from the menu and then select a browser of your choice.
  • At any point if you feel that you are having problem of streaming then i think that best wireless router for streaming is the way to go.

How is the experience of StarCraft in browser

The image below is the home screen of the StarCraft browser version. To play any level you have to hover your mouse on the dot at the beginning of the name. Wait until the cursor changes the shape in hand icon and then click on it.

StarCraft for browser HomeScreen

Update: Now a day’s an online version of StarCraft is also available at a website where you just have to open the website and start playing.

Playing StarCraft in browser level 1

To move your browser into full screen, one can simply press F11 to enjoy a better experience. Although the browser version has some limitation where you cannot build anything, produce new units and more. One point to keep in mind that you don’t have to refresh the browser otherwise all of your game progress will be lost and the home screen will be there to select a level from.

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