When & how to do Linux Virus Scan even for free

Linux virus scan can be a nightmare if looking for some free options. Although viruses in Linux are not common but frankly, there is no system which is virus safe. However, Linux, on the other hand, is not known to be attacked by malware.

When there is a need for Linux virus scan?

As we stated earlier virus is not very common in Linux, however, no operating system is impervious to viruses. You many are known that Android is based on Linux, but still a number of applications malfunctions or contain malware.


Another reason for Linux currently as less exposed to viruses and malware lies with it less popularity and nominal market share. Linux uses a combination of safety features which makes it more secure like you have to enter the administration password for changing system files, and it has its own set of software for daily life usage.

If you are using Linux OS alone on your machine then there is essentially no need to go for a virus scan. However, on the other side of you are among people using dual boot configuration on the same machine with Windows and Linux with common partition for both.

Bitdefender antivirus for linux

Then downloading a Windows malware for Linux doesn’t pose any risks to it thanks to compatibility differences. However, such malware can be a serious health issue for Windows and you may need an anti-malware for your Windows.

But the risk of virus and ransomware increases if you are using Windows program in Linux through Wine framework. So, ransomware on Linux poses a similar danger as ransomware on Windows.

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Linux mint virus scan with Bitdefender antivirus scanner for Unices

For that you just need to download Bitdefender for Unices here you can go for a free trial or buy a license. If you choose for a free license then fill-up the form and you will get an email link to download the software.

You have to now select carefully the respective package where you can download Bitdefender from a large list of available versions for different OS. For instance on 64 bit Linux Mint and Ubuntu you should download the file ending with amd64.deb.run extension.

How to install Bitdefender antivirus scanner for unices

After downloading the file you will need to open the terminal and enter some commands to install the application.

  1. cd Downloads/
  2. sudo chmod +x BitDefender-Antivirus-Scanner-8.2.1-linux-amd64.deb.run
  3. sudo ./BitDefender-Antivirus-Scanner-8.2.1-linux-amd64.deb.run
  4. BitDefender license agreement will appear on the screen. Go through the terms and then at the end of screen type the following command.
  5. accept + enter
  6. Confirm the installation process with the following command
  7. Y + enter
  8. Congratulations, now the application is successfully installed.
  9. You can run the software either directly or via terminal
  10. It’s always the best choice to use terminal because with that it will run with administrative rights and scan all system files also. Use the command below in terminal for that purpose.
  11. sudo bdgui