How I started saving when I signup to Hyvee Connect & get weekly deals offer

Are you a new member of Hyvee connect? If so then keep calm and ease your mind, this article will surely guide you about Hyvee connect Login process. You will get all information regarding login, contact as well as perks for new as well as existing employees.

Hyvee connect firm was founded by David Vredenburg and Charles Hyde in Beaconsfield, Iowa in a petite brick building which is named as the Beaconsfield Supply Store in 1930.

Hyvee connect is a type of system that guarantees smooth transactions for workers. Hyvee connect provides its workers’ bonuses, good workplace, handsome salary, adaptable schedule and much more.

Hyvee Connect Login Process:

For logging in Hyvee connect you must be prepared with a gadget such as Computer, Laptop or a Smartphone. Visit the Hyvee Employee Portal Web Address with a good internet connection.

Steps for logging in:

  1. Migrate the link mentioned here Hyvee Employee connect Login.
  2. After reaching the login page of Hyvee connect, enter your Email ID and password.
  3. Hit the Login In icon.
  4. After logging in, you will arrive in your record. You can check any data you needed.

Steps for resetting the password:

  1. Visit the official site of Hyvee connect.
  2. Tap on forget the password.
  3. Enter your Email ID to reset your password.

Troubleshooting during Login to Hyvee connect:

In case of troubleshooting during the login process, follow these steps:

  1. Re-enter your login credentials to check whether you entered information correctly or not.
  2. Cookies might access your account.
  3. Disabling of javascript on your PC can also be a reason for issues. But it only affects when you use Enter or Return key on the keyboard. It is better to use the mouse to hit the Login button.
  4. Clean all cache on the browser.
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For other issues, you may contact Hyvee Customer Care either through a telephone number or email service center.

Hyvee Connect Benefits:

Perks for Hyvee Connect Members:

Hyvee connect invites its members to view more career opportunities provided by the company. A decent income, great bonuses, a conductive workplace are some of the perks provided by Hyvee connect.

  • Hyvee and Affiliates Tax Savings Plan:

Employees can save pre-tax dollars in order to pay for medical and dependent care expenses.

  • Hyvee and Affiliates Benefit Plan:

It provides benefits to eligible employees. Drugstore coverage, medical and dental care, short term disability and life insurance are the part of this plan. The organization gives up to 75% of the insurance cost for employees.

  • Vacations:

Paid vacations are offered to employees which are gradually enhanced with years of experience.

  • Wellness Program:

The Hyvee health program allows the employees to get information about health and wellness program to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Service Recognition:

Hyvee connect offers an evaluation process for its long-term employees and grant them with perks for their services.

  • Mid-West Heritage:

Hyvee connect owns a bank that offers payroll deductions on loan repayments, low-interest loans and much more.

Contact Hyvee Connect:

  • Hyvee Customer Care Centre:

 You can contact Hyvee connect customer care 24/7 for your queries on the following numbers:

  1. (800) 772-4098
  2. (800) 232-2580
  • Hyvee Product information:

You can get information about products from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m Monday to Friday on the following contact  number  

(800) 289-8343


Email [email protected]

  • Media Inquiries of Hyvee Connect:
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You can get all information from the Communications Department regarding this domain on this contact number:  (515) 559-5770.

  •  Corporate Office of Hyvee Connect:

Address of corporate office is
Hy-Vee, Inc.
5820 Westown Parkway´╗┐
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266-8223
(515) 267-2800

I hope you will easily complete the login process of Hyvee connect with the help of this article. If you have any further queries drop a comment in the box without any hesitation. I will surely answer your question as soon as I receive it.