How to Submit Ollo Card Application? Who’s eligible for it is a webservice of Ollo card. This credit card belongs to category of Master Card which is issues by Fair Square Financial Holdings LLC. This organizations works in collaboration with The Bank of Missouri and Master Card International. allow the users of Ollo card to get registered with an account on website and remain notified of latest updates and transaction through their card. It also let the user to manage his profile, make payments. For all these amenities, user must activate his Ollo card at

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Who can avail Facilities?

Ollo cards are a sail ship when you have a bad credit score or low rating. It is an opportunity to maintain your profile while credit building. Ollo card is available even for persons who have only mediocre credit and can’t avail other credit card opportunities. The only bonding is acknowledgement of some basic rules and you age which should not be less than 18 years. Further it also requires you to be registered citizen of United States.

Opportunities from offers two types of cards for its valuable customers. Both lie in the category of Master cards.

  • Ollo Platinum
  • Ollo Rewards

To get registered with your Ollo Card, visit the attached link to reach the destination site.

How to Get registered on

Once you are there then it is only a couple of steps to get your card registered. You will have to provide “Reservation number” and “Access code”. Both of these can be found at bottom of the offer letter you received in email from

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Features of Ollo Card

  • It is a must opportunity for the people who are at second stage of credit building.
  • It should be noted that provides its services to credit score varying from mid to high 600s.
  • Ollo card provides its services and keep their customers updates via their website
  • charges no annual fee or foreign transaction charges.
  • The Bank of Missouri has the official copyright of issuing the card licensed from MasterCard International.
  • Automatic Line Increases
  • There is no rewards program. You receive a fix credit by end of term.
  • Late submission carries the penalty Up to $38
  • Ollo card carries a very high interest rate and more charges as compared to other cards. It charges an annual fee of $0 to $39 in some cases.
  • The services are nearly confined within States. People from Canada and Mexico do not have liability to apply for this card.
  • The service is open for residents of United States provided that they are 18+
  • It requires only 60 seconds or even less to get a response from after submitting application.
  • The customer service team is from US and is based in US which is a + point.

Ollo Platinum Card

  • It charges no annual fee.
  • Reviews are increased by automatic credit lines.
  • There is involved no surprise fees- no returned check and no foreign transaction charges.
  • There is no hiking on rate if you pay late.
  • It keeps its customers served via 24/7 customer service.
  • Cash advance fee is 5% or $10
  • Balance transfer fee is charged as 4% or $5
  • Minimum interest charge is recorded as $1.50
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Ollo Rewards & offers

  • It carries discount on gas station, drugstore and grocery store shopping @ 2%.
  • It also offers 1% off rate on all the purchases.
  • There is no expiry date allocated on it. The reward is unlimited.
  • There are some additional features such as zero surprise fee, no bouncing back of cheque, no additional foreign transaction charges.
  • The annual fee is very mediocre.
  • Customer service is available 24/7 to resolve your worries.

Reviews of

It has been ranked much high due to its prestigious services and lenient restrictions by different websites which are seemed reliable in credit card blog game. Some of them are enclosed below:

  • – 4.4 out of 5 (based on user reviews)
  • ValuePenguin – Editor’s Rating: 3.5/5.0 (based on an editors review)
  • AskMrCredit – 4 out of 5 by Mr. Credit Card (editors review)

After reviewing these ratings, Ollo Card becomes a tested and reliable service to cling on. 

Contacting Ollo Card Representative

Customer’s service number is always available to resolve your queries. You can contact them on toll free number 1-877-494-0020 (within the United States) If you are not a residing in America, then 1-516-224-5600 will serve you round the clock.

You can also write to via post service. The mails are catered at the following address:

Ollo Card Services, P.O. Box 9222, Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9222. 

Payment can also be post mailed in name Ollo card service to the address Ollo Card Services, P.O. Box 660371, Dallas, TX 75266-0371.

It is faster and more convenient to transfer the payment via online transaction.

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