How to file a dispute for your Experian credit report

Sometimes there is a possibility of error in a credit report and if that happens to you find an error in your report then what to do. Here comes the time when one can dispute Experian credit report, but you need some basic proof of error while you are filing the complaint. This systematic process can be initiated if you see any incorrect account number, payment wrongly marked as late, issues with date, number of credit cards and any other omission.

Credit bureau typically receives information from external sources including lenders, banks, credit card issuers, landlords and sometimes government or public agencies also. Finding an error in a credit report is another type of art, but such errors can seriously affect your credit score. So, you must take some time to study your credit report thoroughly and match all figures with a real one.

Checking your Experian credit report to spot errors

To start with the process, first of all, take a look at all the identifiable information including your names, SSN, addresses you have registered with related financial companies. Such errors or omissions do not affect your credit scores but it worth checking your report thoroughly. These types of errors sometimes may indicate an identity theft but not so often so far.

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Now it’s time to move towards the next step and check for errors which can straightly affect your credit score.

  • Check for account numbers listed in the report which are not yours or if the name is common in the report
  • Any payments which are listed as late but in reality, they were not.
  • Try to check all public records – liens, judgments, bankruptcies and find ones which are not yours.
  • All negative information which is fine but that’s too old to be listed on your report
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Filing dispute on Experian credit report – Online

Selecting an online approach is the easiest and simple also and that’s why most people go for this. Experian dispute form initially looks like this;

When you open the page, it will ask a few questions from you and then it will require filling up some general information. If you have your credit report then you can continue with the process, otherwise, you will have to first get your credit report. You will need to provide some personal identification info like your name, SSN, city, date of birth, etc.

At next step, you will see a list of all reports generated by Experian in your name and provided information. At the most right side of each report, you will see a button ‘Dispute’ click on it to file a dispute for specific report items.

Once you select the specific items, the system will collect all just like a shopping cart do that. Review all your selected items and edit if required and provide any specific proof if you like to do so. On the other hand, you may be asked by Experian to give any documents to prove that specific error in the information.

What are other methods to dispute Experian reports

There are two other ways by which you can file a dispute with Experian, these include mail and phone. Use the address below and send your dispute request with all the basic identification details including name, suffix, date of birth, SSN, address, copy of utility bill, and copy of government-issued ID.

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Experian’s National Consumer Assistance Center,
P.O. Box 4500,
Allen, TX 75013

On the other hand, you can also use Experian customer service to file a dispute in the Experian credit report. For that purpose, you can call on 866-200-6020 but this can only initiate the process, however, you have to provide the documents.

What’s next after that

Now after reviewing the information provided and the documents, Experian will assess all the things and change the information in the credit report if find everything perfectly fine. You will get a new report soon, either by mail or via an online link.

On the other side, if Experian responds to you that everything in the report is fine and nothing needs a change. Then you will need to contact the specific creditor or respective source which is sending data to Experian. Ask them to correct the information and then generate a new report to Experian.