Your guide to EDD debit/credit card as a new customer

This article will help you to activate your Debit Card to enjoy a number of services by Bank of America. Bank of America is a worldwide organization which deals with a lot of services for individuals, student banking, Small and large business organizations, Home Loans, Auto Loans, Investment, Credit and Debit cards.

You can make EDD Debit Card functional by visiting online portal of Bank of America. The BofA online portal is facilitating its customers with services like online banking, Visa Card and Debit Card.

Online Banking portal is providing the facility to its users to perform the banking and card operations remotely. One can activate their Credit and debit card by creating an account and login at the Bank of America online portal. Users can maintain their account by changing their account credentials to avail the online services provided by Bank of America online portal. 

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Activating BankofAmerica/EddCard Debit Card:

If you have EDD Debit Card by Bank of America but do not know how to activate and use it. Then we are here to provide you details regarding its Login and activation of EDD Debit Card. You can use these ways to activate your EDD Debit Card.

How to Login on EDD Website:

When Bank of America issued you EDD Debit Card then it will also provide you login credentials to login your respective account to activate your EDD Debit Card.

To login your account please follow these simple steps.

  • Please visit the official website of Bank of America/EDD Debit Card
  • Please enter your “Username” provided by the Bank of America on the right side of web portal and press the button “Sign In”
  • After sign in in to your account please enter the details required for verification of bank account
  • When verification is completed you will be logged into your Bank of America/EDD Debit Card account successfully.
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How to Recover Username:

In case if you have misplaced or forgot your Bank of America/EDD Debit Card account username then there are simple steps to recover it.

  • Visit the website and go to sign in section and enter your registered email address in it and click on “Submit”
  • After submitting the Email address, you will receive your username in your respective Email ID
  • Now you can use this username to login to EDD Debit Card account to manage it

Bank of America EDD Debit Card Activation:

To utilize the facilities provided by Bank of America/EDD Debit Card via online banking, individual must activate his EDD Debit Card through Web portal.

You can activate your EDD Debit Card by following these steps

  • Go to section “Activate My Card”
  • Please enter the Debit Card number and press the button “continue”
  • Online web portal will provide you further details to activate your Debit Card successfully

Silent Features of Bank of America/EDD Debit Card

  • EDD Debit Card provide you an easy way to get cash back on purchase at any store or from automatic teller machine in any bank which accepts Visa card.
  • You can pay your utility bills and make shopping at stores using Visa Debit Cards.
  • You can withdraw your cash at any Bank of America ATM worldwide
  • Whenever you will access your money it will be completely fee free
  • Bank of America has now mobile app which make the use of new card much easier
  • By using the mobile app you will be able to check your balance, turn your EDD Debit Card on or off and see your transaction history.
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Premium Features of Mobile App:

Mobile app will offer you some features which are

  • Checking your account balance
  • To see your transaction history
  • Biometric login
  • To find nearby ATM Locations
  • Turn on/off your card

Managing the Bank of America/EDD Debit Card Online Account:

If you have an online account at Bank of America, then it will make you easier to perform all operations regarding banking with out facing any difficulty. By using online account, you can access your balances, transaction history and account insights. You can also handle your account to change your pin, to block the EDD Debit Card, inter bank fund transfer and also transfer fund to your EDD Debit Card.