Why BOA debit & credit card activation is essential after approval

Bank of America is one of top financial group in America which is currently providing its services in all 50 states through 4600 banking centers and 15,900 ATMs with maximum experience in banking sector. Bank of America has been ranked 26 on Fortune 500 with $1.7trillion in monetary sediment. More Importantly it is providing the opportunity of Online Activation at

It has been declared as second largest bank in US in terms of assets. A number of services are being provided by Bank of America including debit and credit card affiliated with Visa. 

When a checking account is being opened at bank, then a Visa debit card service is provided to you. In addition, you can also apply for Bank of America Visa credit card that carries more services, travel offer and additional rewards.

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Bankofamerica/activate – Debit Credit Card Activation

If you have got a Visa debit credit card by Bank of America but do not know how to avail most out of it then we are here at your service. Any credit card needs activation can be availed online on Bankofamerica/activate. This post will guide you through all the steps required to make the card services available to use. There can be multiple ways to activate the credit card.

  • Activating card online through web portal.
  • Activation can also be done using the phone
  • The third option is activation through ATM.

Availing Online Bank Service

The quickest, easiest and convenient way is using online services provided by Bankofamerica/activate to activate your debit card or credit card. For this, you must be enrolled/login Online Banking and must be in possession of Online Banking ID and a password to complete the process.

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If you haven’t got the ID and password then first get enrolled in Online Banking to activate your card. You’ll first need to create an account by providing the last six digits of your card number and your full Social Security number.

From there you’ll need to choose an online ID and a pass-code. After the account is set up, log in and follow the key steps to get your card activated by BankofAmerica/activate.

  • Visit the official website of Bank of America www.bankofamerica.com or access the activation portal of Bank of America/activate by clicking here.
  • If you are already enrolled in Online banking then click on “Sign in to Online Banking”. In case you are not enrolled in online banking and have not got an ID then click on “Enroll in Online Banking”
  • Open card Activation section one you are being logged in to Online banking portal.
  • You will need to enter Credit Card Number, Its Expiry date and security code and some relevant information in displayed window. Credit card number will be displayed on front of card and security code can b accessed on bank of card.
  • On completion of required details, card will get activated. A written notification will be sent via SMS and will also be emailed to you.

Utilizing Phone service to Activate BankofAmerica.com Card

If you have not got enrolled in Online Banking service and you find it troublesome then there is another option for you on board. Bank of America/activate allows its valuable customers to get their cards activated over phone. Follow some simple steps and card will be ready to use.

  • Call the 24/7 activation number 1800276993 and listen to instructions narrated by operator. 
  • If you are calling outside of the United States, you’ll need to dial 1-925-675-6195 instead.
  • Share the necessary details such as card number, expiry date, security code and you name same as mentioned on the card.
  • After entering the information successfully, the card will get activated. You will be notified both by email and SMS.
  • Your card will be activated soon and you will be notified by SMS and email for your successful activation.
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Credit Card Activation via ATM

When you have got really tight schedule and there is not enough time for the above options, then there is a third option of ATM Card and it can be used anytime when you are at ATM to withdraw your money.

  • Visit nearest Bank of America ATM. You can get a clue of ATM located nearby by visiting ATM locator link.
  • Simply swipe card in ATM machine or slide in the card through given slot and enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) number.
  • Card will get activated and you will be notified via SMS and email.

Final Word

If you face any difficulty in activating your card then feel free to contact the customer care representative of Bank of America/activate through Customer service number (1.800.732.919). If your card has got stolen or have been misplaced then immediately contact customer service to get your card blocked.

Do not share your card details with anyone. You can always visit official website www.bankofamerica.com for further details.